Milo - a Beneteau First Class 10

Milo - a Beneteau First Class 10

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Winter 2009-10

NewsPosted by Claes 2010-06-21 09:53
It was a cold winter so not much work was done. Therefore the spring has been hectic and I have been way behind on the planned projects. Things that need to be done before summer are:

* Route air from the Ebesprecher heater to the front cabin (where we sleep).
* Repair deck and find new stanchion-feet (due to German cruising sailor...)
* Mount new stanchion-feet and bend stations to the correct angle.
* New winches (ST) for the headsail.
* Solarpanel.

And then there is the usual work, and then some...

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Posted by marten 2011-07-26 10:36

Hello Claes

This week I bought an fc10 from 1984
the outside is good but the interior is a complete mess
I saw that you also did the inside
do you have pictures tips or handy things that are usefull for me renovating this fantastic ship
anything is good videos pictures drawings notes what ever that is usefull

thank you very much

sailing greetings